The creation of technical documentation relies on dedicated authors alongside input from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other casual contributors. XDocs provides unprecedented support for all these types of users.

For the Technical Publications Team who need to create DITA XML content, XDocs has market leading integration with the leading XML Editors such as Oxygen. Users can launch the Editor from within XDocs when checking out content or can launch files from the CCMS from within the Editor which has a special XDocs menu.

The tasks of the authoring team are further enhanced by XDocs’ Branch and Merge capability that supports unlimited numbers of versions of documents with shared content. The extended metadata functionality greatly eases the finding and management of related content. The ability for instant comparisons of changes between versions and market leading ‘link management’ also benefit the team.

Content from other systems

Information the Tech Pubs Team needs is often stored in other places such as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. XDocs’ comprehensive set of APIs enables Bluestream to build integrations with these and other systems. ERP & PLM systems are addressed with the Machine Industry (Mi) Module but there is no limit to the possibilities.

Machine Industry Module Brochure

Casual Contributions

Casual contributors, SMEs and other people involved in the review and approval of content don’t want to have to learn the authoring applications used by the Technical Publication Team – there would also be licensing issues. Bluestream have created a browser-based web application – WEX, which provides a Wiki like user experience and requires no training to use.

WEX is a web-based module in the XDocs CCMS that enables reviewing and contributing of DITA content in the web. The premise behind the application’s development was simple – no training or installation required. The target audience for this application is anyone in the organization who needs to be part of the content development lifecycle.

WEX is tightly integrated with the Oxygen Web Editor, but Wex can just as easily support any other DITA web-based XML editor (such as Fonto XML, XEditor, etc.). The application is role and workflow capability-centric, which means the user can be restricted to adding review mark up to a particular set of topics or the user may be permitted to create a new topic and upload new images to the repository. This allows for greater control while delivering publications within a particular workflow, and it does not restrict users from contributing meaningful content when great ideas arise outside of workflow. Furthermore, the WEX authoring experience is completely transparent with the interface resembling that of MS Word or a Wiki.