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With XDocs DITA CCMS, you can:

Improve Employee Productivity

Insert terms from controlled vocabularies. Rapidly find and fix content issues. Manage versions with agility. And more.

Connect your Various Content Sources

XDocs can handle all your content, tag it with your metadata, and provide the same version control and findability as your DITA files.

Involve SMEs in the Flow

Fit your experts into the content lifecycle wherever you need them with integrated, easy-to-use tools.

Publish as Required

Batch publish approved content from the CCMS to all your required formats and languages.

Report on Content

Write your own queries to get information about the content and publications and share the reports with others.

Harvest your Metadata

Let your technical content do the talking with XDocs Extended Metadata. Ask for a demo.

Improve Employee Productivity.

40% of Technical Authors’ time is spent formatting documents, with XDocs, this is all taken care of.

Connect Your Various Content Sources.

Your content is stored in multiple places, with XDocs you can bring all this information together.

Involve SMEs In Your Content Lifecycle.

With XDocs your SMEs can share their expertise with easy-to-use tools and the minimum of distraction.

Publish Your Technical Content Wherever You Need It Using XDelivery.

Simultaneously publish your content to any device or platform in any format or language.

Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Quickly build and update self-service documentation portals with powerful search capabilities to make it easier for your customers to find the right content.

Increase Sales.

Link documentation to parts fulfillment systems and reduce your web portal bounce rate by helping prospects quickly locate the information they need.

What is a CCMS?

XDocs what is a CCMS
Why XDocs DITA CCMS illustration


Whatever your industry, you’ll find Bluestream’s XDocs DITA CCMS being used there, manufacturing, policies and procedures, IT, training and assessments, and more.

Constant innovation and development have crafted XDocs DITA CCMS into the definitive solution for teams working with DITA. Unrivaled functionality and flexibility enable XDocs to solve any content challenge. As a result, teams of authors worldwide are creating powerful user-focused content and delivering it to all kinds of devices and platforms.

Why XDocs DITA CCMS illustration 2

XDocs DITA CCMS integrates seamlessly with XML Authoring Tools for the ultimate user experience. As a result, users can browse the XDocs database and check-in/check-out files, etc. from within Oxygen Author using a built-in menu. Additionally, RESTful APIs connect XDocs to other systems such as ERP, PLM, or CRM. Authors can then easily view and access data stored in these systems improving productivity and accuracy. Additionally, XDocs is the first DITA CCMS to manage Bills of Material and enable the automatic creation of DITA IPCs for multichannel delivery.

With unrivaled metadata control, XDocs also has a flexible workflow and powerful localization management.

Bluestream has also developed XDelivery, which effortlessly delivers DITA and non-DITA content to any platform/device, builds portals, and much more.

XDocs is not just for DITA illustration

Not just DITA

XDocs DITA CCMS doesn’t just manage XML; it was developed to support all file types. You can curate all your content assets in a single place and manage them with the same version control and dexterity as the DITA XML files.

Incomparable Value

Whether your team comprises members spread across the globe or a couple of content creators working in the same office, XDocs delivers incomparable value – allowing you to provide the most up-to-date content to your customers. XDocs is the most cost-effective, fully functioning enterprise-class DITA CCMS.
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Experience the power of Bluestream's XDocs DITA CCMS

Unleash innovation, unrivaled functionality, and seamless integration. Transform content creation and delivery across industries. Introduce XDelivery for multichannel delivery and portals.

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