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With XDocs IT Solutions you can:

Auto-Generate Custom Documentation

Link XDocs to CPQ and ERP systems to automate the creation of customer-specific quotes, project plans, and user help documentation.

Halve Localization Costs

Use structured content and DITA with the XDocs localization module to greatly reduce your localization spending and open new overseas markets for your products.

Everything in One Place

Bulk upload legacy content, including videos and PDFs to organize and deliver all material from a single platform.

Deliver Using Customizable Web-Based Delivery Portals

Build interfaces to other systems such as Salesforce and Zendesk and deliver content directly from the CCMS database to integrated systems.

Collaborate with All your Content Stakeholders

Share content for online review with your SMEs, and respond to their comments and suggestions in the source content. Request new content from your SMEs and allow them to access templates and upload files to the CCMS using their web browser.

Exercise Control Over All your Content

Manage versions of all your file formats, tag them with your metadata, and provide the same reliable version control and findability as your DITA files. Report on differences between versions, and review, translate, and publish the correct version with dexterity.
IT Solutions Software illustration 2
DITA is the ideal solution for software companies. Software is under constant development; as a result, the documentation needs to be regularly updated to stay aligned. It may also need to be translated and made available on multiple platforms for various users. These include Customers, Customer Support Staff, and potential buyers. With unrivaled metadata control, XDocs also has a flexible workflow and powerful localization management. Bluestream has also developed XDelivery, which effortlessly delivers DITA and non-DITA content to any platform/device, builds portals, and much more.
IT Solutions Hardware illustration 1

Meanwhile, hardware documentation needs to be regularly maintained, updated, translated, and, most importantly, made available to various types of users. These include Service Engineers, System Builders, Customers, and potential buyers.

Hardware will often share components across product lines, making it an ideal candidate for XML and DITA. For example, IBM initially conceived DITA for its hardware and software before giving the standard to the open-source community.

Faster Documentation, Enhanced Collaboration, & Total Control

Every organization faces unique challenges in the present and can be sure that new challenges will surface in the future. XDocs DITA CCMS is designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind. As a result, XDocs is a powerful,fully configurable CCMS that can be used out-of-the-box or can be configured to fit your exact requirements now, and you can reconfigure the system in the future if required.

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