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Bluestream offers a full suite of integrated, enterprise-class software products that rise to the challenges of your technical content requirements. You can choose to purchase and use all Bluestream products or choose a single product if that’s what you’re looking for. 

These products are scalable, so they can grow with your content, and you can choose to add more products at any time. All Bluestream software is based on industry standards and plays well with others, so you can integrate XDocs with other systems if desired. 

Bluestream Products


Enterprise-class Component Content Management System (CCMS) for creating and managing technical content 

Manufacturing Suite illustration 1
Manufacturing Suite illustration 2

XDocs Manufacturing Suite

End-to-end solution for creating and managing manufacturing industry content including Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs) 


Delivery platform that efficiently and effectively serves your branded technical content to your content users

Why XDelivery illustration 1

Bluestream products share common characteristics:


Bluestream software can grow and adapt as your organization's technical documentation needs evolve. Whether you begin your implementation with two or two hundred writers, XDocs can meet your challenges now and in the future.


Likewise, you can easily extend your use of XDocs at any time. You can add new add-ons, modules, products, automations, or integrations as your requirements or usage evolves.

Easy integration

Built on industry standards, XDocs plays well with others. Whether you need to connect with a Localization Service Provider–or connect to another software system, XDocs open architecture allows for the integration of tool sets.

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