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Bluestream’s expertise in this area will help you:

Create Documentation Efficiently

Create better documentation faster, reuse content with confidence, and update information with precision.

Create the Documentation in One System

Build IPCs, maintenance schedules, service manuals, operator’s manuals, and more, and manage the localization of the documentation to any languages.

Consolidate your Training Material

Create your training material in XDocs and/or upload training files such as videos, PDFs, and zips to manage and deliver your training content from one central location.

Deliver Legacy Content along with the Latest Versions

Bulk upload legacy content including PDFs so that all material is accessible from a single platform.

Find Efficiencies in your Workflow

Produce and approve integrated service documentation using tools for your engineers, editors, illustrators, and translation managers.

Take Control

Take control of your information with best in class metadata system, custom reports, version control, rapid updates, data consistency, and customizable VDI2770 web portals.

Streamlining Content Creation for Manufacturing

Bluestream has been working with manufacturing companies for many years and understands the unique challenges they face. We know that manufacturers rely on multiple systems such as SAP, Siemens Teamcenter, Oracle, Windchill, CAD, ERP, and PLM applications. But the disconnect between technical documentation and these other systems impacts the efficiency of author teams.

In addition, content is often created and updated through systems and processes entirely separated from parts databases. When manual entry of parts information is required, the outcome is inconsistency, errors, and update issues.

With XDocs Manufacturing Suite, you can connect all these systems and create service manuals, operator manuals, maintenance schedules, IPCs (Illustrated Parts Catalogs), IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals), and more.

You can also import, index, and curate non-XML files, including legacy documents such as PDFs. This puts all of your content in a single location and opens the opportunity for powerful delivery options, including Interactive Service Delivery Portals. 

The XDocs Manufacturing Suite revolutionizes the creation of technical documentation for manufacturing companies, supporting the innovation of Industry 4 and helping you create content conforming to the latest international standards, such as VDI2770 and iiRDS.

Manufacturing Suite illustration 1

Enhance Content Creation Workflow in Manufacturing with XDocs DITA CCMS

Bridge the Gap between Technical Documentation and Parts Databases. Streamline Efficiency for Author Teams and Eliminate Inconsistencies and Errors.

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