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Is it time to change your CCMS?

Is your CCMS still meeting all your needs? If not now is the time to explore the alternatives, but how should you go about this challenge?

Is it time you changed your CCMS

GIT or CCMS for structured content?

How do you decide between Git or a CCMS? This whitepaper explores the pros and cons of both technologies and provides some guidance.

Whitepaper Cover GIT or CCMS

Advancing Human Machine Interfaces

Advances in manufacturing machines, the smart factory, and Industry 4.0 requires operators to take on more responsibility. This requires better access to information. 

Whitepaper Cover Advancing the HMI

How XDocs supplements Windchill

Despite a large number of PTC Windchill applications, there is still plenty of scope for operational improvement. Bluestream XDocs Manufacturing Suite will enrich functionality and productivity in several key areas.

Whitepaper Cover XDocs and Windchill

Industry 4.0 needs Documentation 4.0

As we move towards Industry 4.0, ‘smart’ factories, and ‘smart’ manufacturing we need to also move towards more innovative documentation. Documentation 4.0 heralds the introduction of smart content.

Why Industry 4.0 & the Smart Factory needs Documentation 4.0

XDocs DITA CCMS & Manufacturing

Complex machines present unique challenges for organizations from design, through manufacture, delivery and ongoing servicing. This whitepaper details how XDocs DITA CCMS supports this.

Whitepaper Cover XDocs and Manufacturing

Why you need Structured Content

Structured documents/content refers to content created with re-use in mind. Structured content is created as XML, using authoring applications such as Oxygen Author or structured Adobe FrameMaker.

Whitepaper Cover Why you need structure

How are XDocs & Oxygen integrated

Tight integration between Bluestream’s XDocs Component Content Management System and Oxygen XML products from Syncro Soft brings unrivaled control and functionality to authoring teams.

Whitepaper Cover XDocs and Oxygen

How can XDelivery enhance SalesForce

Salesforce is ubiquitous and used to drive self-service portals, support internal staff, increase sales, and much more. However, Salesforce can now be made more robust and give you an even more significant competitive advantage.

Whitepaper Cover XDelivery and Salesforce

Whitepaper: Why Industry 4.0 need Documentation

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