Bluestream is a global market leader in the fields of XML and DITA CCMS.

XDocs DITA CCMS is the leading single vendor solution for companies that want to create intelligent content and enhance its delivery. With XDocs DITA CCMS, anyone can create, manage, store, and publish large volumes of DITA XML and non-XML content.

XDocs DITA CCMS integrates with XML Authoring tools and has powerful metadata management. In addition, REST APIs connect XDocs DITA CCMS to other systems, such as ERP, PLM, and CRM.

Bluestream has also developed flexible workflow, advanced localization control, and instant content delivery to any platform or device. As a result, XDocs DITA CCMS is the leading single vendor solution for organizations looking to improve and enhance their entire information workflow.


Unrivaled features and open APIs enable XDocs DITA CCMS to solve complex technical content challenges through configuration rather than development. As a result, authors create powerful user-focused content and deliver it to every device and platform.

Also, XDocs DITA CCMS is ‘Parts Aware’; it can ingest Bill of Materials content and link directly to ERP and PLM systems. In addition, this enables the automatic creation of Illustrated Parts Catalogues for multichannel delivery from within the system.

Powerful end-to-end Solution

XDocs DITA CCMS is a true enterprise Component Content Management System. As a result, it manages the entire information workflow and content lifecycle. From its tight integration with authoring tools, through review and collaboration, before localization and publishing, XDocs DITA CCMS makes it easy.

Bluestream Philosophy

To enable all types and sizes of organizations to reap the benefits of a CCMS, from a single author to thousands of distributed users worldwide. Also, develop software that can solve the most complex challenges through configuration and not rely on development.

Commitment to Standards

Bluestream adheres to structured software design methodologies such as Joint Application Design (JAD), using industry standards and best practices. A founding member of the W3C XQuery Working Group, Bluestream is also a long-term OASIS DITA Technical Committee member. Bluestream also supports initiatives by industry organizations (W3C, IEEE, OASIS, IMS, and ASA) and private consortiums promoting interoperability standards.


Meanwhile, our powerful APIs connect Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS to almost any other system. Therefore, expanding your solution, examples of integration include Salesforce, Zendesk, ERP, CPQ, CRM, and PLM.


Bluestream is the only CCMS provider that has developed its own delivery platform; consequently, you have more control over your publications. Also, with content coming directly from the CCMS, instantly publish approved content to any device or platform.

Bluestream Team

To create great software, you need the best people. The Bluestream team is recognized as leaders in the DITA XML community and all aspects of structured content. As a result, we serve on numerous committees, including the DITA Technical Committee.

We also present thought-provoking talks at global events and hold regular Webinars. In addition, Bluestream has a worldwide network of partners with experience in DITA development and deployment.


Bluestream’s technical specialists share the knowledge gained from over 100 successful deployments. As a result, we have a proven ability to understand complex customer requirements and turn them into workable solutions. In addition, this is further supported by an experienced services division and global partner network.


Bluestream has over 100 global customers. Some are Fortune 100 organizations seeking complex cross-departmental documentation solutions. Conversely, others are small businesses containing single-author teams. As a result, Bluestream has specific expertise in Information Technology, learning, assessment, manufacturing, airlines, and policies and procedures.


Solution Partners

Bluestream partners with market-leading service providers to ensure customers everywhere have access to a full range of supporting services.

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Technology Partners

Bluestream partners with fellow market-leading technology providers, ensuring customers have access to supporting products.

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