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Why Salesforce alone is not enough (2 mins)

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XDocs customer Indra Navia talking about their migration to DITA and how they linked Microsoft Dynamics and other systems to XDocs creating a system that enables users to select from over 300 configuration options and then dynamically produce the documentation.

Rik Page (Bluestream) and Frank Miller (Ryffine) follow-up on the pros and cons of using Git or a CCMS for managing DITA content, driving down into more detail.

Git Happens part 1

Rik Page (Bluestream) and Frank Miller (Ryffine) on the pros and cons of using Git or a CCMS for managing DITA content.

Introducing XDocs 5.2. Meet the latest version of our market leading CCMS. Learn about new features, especially changes to WEX.

Taking DITA to the Masses. Learn how you can get more people contributing to the content lifecycle. Above all, see how a flexible toolset that works together can enhance the process.

Enhancing the entire Content Lifecycle with oXygen and XDocs. In reality XML authoring can be complex. Despite this, we show how advanced integration between XDocs and oXygen can ease the load.

Enriching Salesforce with the Bluestream Delivery Platform. Following on from our short video above Why Salesforce alone is not enough (2 mins) We go into more detail, explain the options for further integration.

Streamlining the Localization Process with New Automation Firstly, this webinar explains the benefits of DITA if you translate your content. Secondly, it shows how a powerful CCMS with full APIs can enhance the process.