What’s changed, where? webinar

17th February 9:00 PST/17:00 GMT

Presented by Tristan Mitchell and Rik Page

Duration: 45 minutes

Branching DITA is a well-understood activity, but it can be difficult to manage multiple branches. It is hard to identify which topics have changed and what do you do when multiple people have changed the same topic?

This webinar will show how branching and merging works within XDocs and then look at how else the DeltaXML technology can be applied within an organization. Tristan will give an overview of the various merge scenarios and look at how two-way comparison can be used to highlight change across DITA topic versions.

Presenter Profiles:

Tristan Mitchell — Product Director at DeltaXML

DeltaXML is a technology company with world-leading software and SaaS products to manage structured content, documents, data, or code change.

Tristan has responsibility for the product lifecycle of all existing and future products. Over the last 17 years, his work as a Senior Developer, Solutions Architect, and Product Manager for DeltaXML has given him a deep understanding of the products and a passion for helping customers make the most out of those products.

Tristan is also a father of three beautiful girls, a movie-lover, and a keen runner.

Rik Page — EMEA Sales and Marketing Director at Bluestream Software

Rik has worked with component content and document management solutions since 2000. During this time, he has worked with custom DTDs and Schemas, S1000D, iSpec2200, and DITA.

His practical experience ranges from data capture/content creation to dynamic multichannel delivery in various industries, including banking and finance, manufacturing, central government, and education. A keen advocate of technology and innovation, Rik has participated in multiple consultancy projects and helped formulate solutions worldwide.

Away from the office, Rik is very involved in Scouting both as a leader (14 — 18-year-olds) and as a trainer working with adults to develop their skills.

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