Webinar – Extending DITA to the Masses

Ever since DITA was first used, the greatest obstacle to adoption has been usability. Whilst technical authors have been prepared to learn the intricacies of DITA, others in the content creation lifecycle have been more obstinate. Bluestream together with Simply XML will show how the extensible XDocs CCMS can be integrated with clear browser and desktop authoring environments to allow subject matter experts to create and collaborate on content without ever having to see a tag.

Presented by: Rik Page, Bluestream and Doug Gorman, Simply XML

Rik Page is Sales and Marketing Director at Bluestream Software and has been working with both component content and document management solutions since 2001. During this time he has worked with custom DTDs and Schemas, S1000D, iSpec2200 and DITA. His experience covers a wide range of industries including education, banking and finance, manufacturing and healthcare. A keen advocate of technology and innovation Rik has taken part in multiple consultancy projects and helped formulate solutions all over the world.

Over a 26-year period, Doug Gorman commercialized the structured writing methodology developed by Bob Horn, bringing that methodology to more than 250,000 people in more than 40 countries. Over that period he developed, adopted, and promoted enabling technologies to improve information development and use. He worked with Lucent Technologies and SGML in the 90’s to improve the quality of documentation and time to market for manufactured telephone switches. The subsequent decade saw XML implemented as a standard architecture for technical publications. Since the spin-off of Simply XML from Information Mapping during an acquisition, he has focused on structured mark-up combined with structured authoring for the improvement of enterprise content and non-technical authors who use Microsoft Word.

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