Maximise your revenue streams with XDocs

Manufacturers must maximise revenue streams and secure future business. Maintenance within manufacturing falls into two categories: PPM (planned preventative maintenance) and breakdown.

With PPM machines are checked and serviced at regular intervals, consumable parts are replaced, therefore, breakdown avoided. XDocs integrates with PPM scheduling systems and will deliver IETM/IPC. Since Engineers order consumables via the IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog) this results in an additional revenue stream.

Even with PPM in place it is possible for machinery to fail and breakdown. IETM and IPC delivered directly from XDocs can help engineers quickly determine the cause and action needed. Again, the ability to identify replacement parts and order than directly from the supplier reduces downtime whilst creating a revenue stream.

Spare parts and Consumables

Spare parts offer a recurring revenue stream for manufacturing companies. IPCs provide instant access to the correct parts information and when linked to a fulfillment system allow the instant ordering of parts and consumables.

XDocs MI Module

Link XDocs MI Module to PPM scheduling systems and fulfillment systems via REST APIs, and enable engineers to trigger spare parts requests from the field.

Furthermore, use geospatial metadata to deliver content unique to a specific installation. An example of this is an individual windmill in a wind farm.