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Additional Bluestream technologies

XDocs has a complete set of RESTful APIs and can be integrated with almost any other system. Examples include: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk, contact us for more information.

Authoring Platforms

Bluestream XDocs enjoys tight integration with the technologies below:


Structured FrameMaker DITA-enabled XML editor. Search XDocs, check-out and check-in files from within FM. Also, launch FM from within XDocs.

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Developer of XMetaL and XMetaL DITA.

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Simply XML

Content Mapper MS Word plugin

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Syncro Soft

Developer of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Web Author. Search XDocs, check-out and check-in files from within Oxygen. Launch Oxygen from XDocs. Fully involve SMEs in the content lifecycle via XDocs WEX and Oxygen Web Author.

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Developer of XMLmind XML Editor (XXE).

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Plug-in Technology


DeltaXML is a toolset for developers to manage change in XML by comparing XML files and identifying differences. It outputs well-structured XML that can be interpreted by automated systems or used in editors. It is embedded into major XML tools and trusted by blue-chip organizations.

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MathType, MathFlow and MathPlayer products that create equations.

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XTM International develops and sells XTM Cloud, an enterprise SaaS translation management system with an integrated computer-aided translation tool. The flexible and automated workflow streamlines complex localization processes and supply chains.

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Publishing Platforms

Antenna House Formatter

Based on the W3C standards for XSL-FO and CSS and recognized as the most powerful and proven formatting software available. As a result, it is used worldwide in demanding applications where the need is to format HTML and XML into PDF and print. Antenna House Formatter offers support for over 70 languages, MathML 3.0, complex page layout, and more.

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Cognilore proLibro

Publishing in the digital age means you can plan time-to-market in days rather than months. With proLibro, you get the fastest, most cost effective method for digital delivery of your content: especially when focused on reaching customers on mobile devices.

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Congility provide solutions for the publishing and intelligent delivery of structured content. Congility Content Server (formerly known as DITAweb) for personalized content delivery and Congility Mobile for offline content access.

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Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics is the Content Delivery Platform for technical documentation trusted by Tech leaders around the world. Its AI-powered technology captures technical content from all existing sources and delivers it as actionable information that is tailored to the user, situation, and channel.

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MiramoPDF by Datazone is an easy to use GUI based, DITA/CCMS to PDF publishing solution. Because it does not need any programming skills you reduce costs. Consequently, design control is left where it is needed.

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XEP Server is for high-volume, multi-user or batch formatting in server-side applications. XEP Server generates rich reports from databases, prints high volumes of personalized correspondence and provides on-line creation of dynamic, customized documents.

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Oxygen PDF Chemistry

PDF Chemistry that allows you to obtain PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS.

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WebWorks helps you increase your product value by reducing the time it takes to publish. One-Click Publishing is the optimal documentation publishing workflow because of its speed and accuracy.

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Technical product content is used extensively by customers and employees, but most companies present it within static, outdated and inconsistent experiences. This makes it difficult for people to find the answers they need.

Zoomin solves this problem by unifying your content silos into a personalized and intuitive content experience – leading to happier customers, increased case deflection and greater internal productivity.

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Solution Partners

Bluestream partners with market leading service providers to ensure customers everywhere have access to a full range of supporting services.

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