Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS — create and manage intelligent content and then enhance its delivery.


XDocs DITA CCMS is the leading single vendor solution for companies who want to create intelligent content and enhance its delivery. With XDocs DITA CCMS, everyone can create, manage, store and then intelligently publish large volumes of DITA XML and non-XML content.

Bluestream customers come from every industry and from all over the world. Our solutions range from small teams to 100s of authors spread across the globe.

Benefits of working with Bluestream

  • Bluestream is a recognized global visionary leader in XML and DITA.
  • Team of acclaimed industry experts.
  • Bluestream has a unique methodology that delivers successful projects.
  • XDocs DITA CCMS has been deployed over 100 times and all over the world in every market.
  • The design of XDocs DITA CCMS enables fast and modular deployment.
  • Full RESTful APIs enable comprehensive integration with 3rd party systems.
  • Unprecedented support for manufacturing companies.
  • XDocs DITA CCMS has unique integration with localization systems such as XTM.
  • Bluestream has a global partner network to support deployments.

Industry Solutions

From Manufacturing companies to Training and Assessment solutions, the flexibility of Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS has proved to be the ideal solution.


Bluestream works with leading manufacturing companies across the world. Providing solutions to extend the power of traditional tech pubs.

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Information Technology

Versioning, localization, complex publishing - Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS solves the problems faced by software and hardware companies.

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Policies & Procedures

Enhance compliance by combining rigorous content creation and review with dynamic delivery using Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS

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Training & Assessment

Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS, XML, and DITA have proved to be the perfect foundation for major training and assessment projects.

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Solution Process

Bluestream has deployed XDocs DITA CCMS over 100 times across the globe. As a result, we have developed a proven methodology to maximize the success of your information project.

This methodology will take you from discovery through information architecture, taxonomy and ontology development, delivery design, and much more. Bluestream consultants will help you through every step, and as a result, you will be up and running in the minimum time with the most effective solution.


XDocs Micro

Bluestream XDocs Micro CCMS helps smaller teams of authors meet the complex demands on technical content. It can also..


The move to DITA enabled us to improve the quality of our documentation whilst reducing lead time and creating capacity to work on multiple projects in parallel.

The decision to select XDocs DITA CCMS has certainly been validated and we look forward to continuing to work with the Bluestream Team.

— Simon Lincoln, Director, Product Marketing

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Automating service documentation

October 13th 09:00 PT 17:00 BST This free webinar will introduce Bluestream's XDocs Manufacturing Suite which transforms the way teams create and share machine/installation-specific documentation.

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