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The XDocs CCMS offers you unparalleled value—a complete, end-to-end, enterprise component content management system that is flexible, supported, out-of-the-box, mature, and scalable. Learn more.



When it comes to meeting technical content challenges head-on, the XDocs CCMS is a winner. However, in order to use your content to meet your business objectives, you need a process.


Structured Content

What is structured content? What is DITA? Why DITA? Visit our resources pages to learn more about DITA, DITA CMS, content management, and more.


LavaCon in Dublin

Bluestream is excited about the addition of a European conference to the…

Bluestream CTO presenting at the 2015 CMS/DITA NA conference

Bluestream is pleased to announce that CTO Jim Tivy will be presenting at the 2015 Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday, April 12. The 3-day annual conference is hosted by the Center for Information Development Management and is billed as “the premier content management event of the year,” with “stimulating presentations in four tracks.”

Metadata Part 2: Metadata and the Future of Content

Metadata is your key to the Internet of Things, augmented reality, wearable devices, in-context embedded help, dynamic delivery and personalisation, avoiding conditional tagging overload, and a laundry list of additional channels and formats. For some, such potential is in the far-off distance. For others, they’re a present-day challenge.