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XDocs Features

A complete end-to-end solution for all your technical content and documentation


Content is your most undervalued asset


Cost centre or competitive advantage?

Turn your content from cost centre into competitive advantage

It starts with a process

Bluestream has solutions for all your content challenges.

Structured Content

What is structured content? What is DITA? Why DITA? Visit our resources pages to learn more about DITA, DITA CMS, content management, and more.


When it comes to meeting technical content challenges head-on, the XDocs CCMS is a winner. However, in order to use your content to meet your business objectives, you need a process.


The XDocs CCMS offers you unparalleled value—a complete, end-to-end, enterprise component content management system that is flexible, supported, out-of-the-box, mature, and scalable. Learn more.


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