For an organization to truly benefit from structured content, all parties must be able to contribute in a meaningful way without having a technical mountain to climb.


WEX is a web-based module in the XDocs CCMS that enables reviewing and contributing of DITA content in the web. The premise behind the application’s development was simple – no training or installation required. The target audience for this application is anyone in the organization who needs to be part of the content development lifecycle.

WEX is tightly integrated with the Oxygen Web Editor, but Wex can just as easily support any other DITA web-based XML editor (such as Fonto XML, XEditor, etc.). The application is role and workflow capability-centric, which means the user can be restricted to adding review mark up to a particular set of topics or the user may be permitted to create a new topic and upload new images to the repository. This allows for greater control while delivering publications within a particular workflow, and it does not restrict users from contributing meaningful content when great ideas arise outside of workflow. Furthermore, the WEX authoring experience is completely transparent with the interface resembling that of MS Word or a Wiki.


Using workflow brings the content lifecycle under transparent control and enables the involvement of SMEs outside the technical communications team to be included in the process with the minimum impact on their main job tasks.

Workflows are easy to create, configure, and modify; and the module is based on the BPMN 2.0 industry standard and the de facto standard Activiti workflow engine. XDocs workflow process definitions can be created using other tools, and the process definitions can be used in other tools. Workflow is configured and edited in CM Admin component, and the settings carry through all XDocs CCMS components. Workflow task candidates can be set from project roles, from user lists, or from both.