XDocs is an enterprise class CCMS (Component Content Management System). A CCMS can manage data at a much more granular level than Content/Document Management Systems such as SharePoint. Storing content at a more granular level makes it far easier to reuse across publications and documents. This in turn can improve publication integrity and make maintaining multiple publications with shared content easier. XDocs sits on a MySQL database and can store, manage, and curate any binary file type alongside the DITA XML.

Managing content at a component level does present multiple challenges that XDocs has been specifically developed to address. Wherever possible, open standards have been used to create a system that can be easily configured and maintained by our customers.

Link Management

DITA relies on links such as <conref> for reuse of chunks of data, references, media, and much more. As Topics are reused across products and publications or sent for localization/translation, it is essential that the integrity of these links is maintained. XDocs has market leading link management that supports the content throughout its entire lifecycle.

Link management is also vital when importing content into the system. This content may be received after a conversion process has taken place or as the result of a migration from another system/product.

AS an example of the power of XDocs link resolving capability; a February 2019 project required the importing of over 50,000 files which in turn had over 6,000 broken links – these were all resolved in under two minutes using the XDocs Resolve Links function.


Metadata is essential within a CCMS, and—as content repositories grow exponentially each year and content reuse grows more complex—content management challenges are also increasing. XDocs Extended Metadata Module provides a system to help you transform content tags into information operatives that help you retrieve and deliver your content with greater precision.

XDocs Extended Metadata Module allows you to harvest terms and glossary entries from your DITA directly into XDocs. After the harvest, the Extended Metadata Thesaurus can organize the terms according to your classification structure.

Harvested terms can also be used to Browse and Search through content, and you can associate non DITA files with the harvested terms as well.

Extended Metadata Brochure