Organizations must be able to respond to rapid developments in their industry and to respond to market needs for product diversification and customization, the demands for up-to-date and accurate documentation have never been greater. XDocs Branch, Merge and Release Management Module provides documentation teams with extensive access to and control over all versions of content.

Branch, Merge & Release Brochure

Organizations have products (which are sometimes services), and the products drive the company in terms of revenue and schedule. The documentation is part of the product; the documentation must also be delivered on time and has an impact on revenue. Since products have multiple releases, so must the documentation have multiple releases.

Release management in a Component Content Management System (CCMS) concerns how to manage the content for different releases of one or more products as time progresses. Release management focuses on addressing the challenges that arise when managing content, for example, for parallel versions of a product, where an organization must maintain support and document versions 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 while simultaneously developing content for version 8.0.

XDocs Branch, Merge and Release Management provides features for documentation teams to manage content with agility in complex content development environments.

Release Management in XDocs provides your documentation team with the freedom to time travel in content, to fully access and modify content ‘As of’ any date and time, while maintaining historical integrity. Historical integrity means histories cannot be rewritten and the links at any point in history remain intact. Additionally, XDocs also allows you to create and apply labels to mark significant points in the content history.

The XDocs Release Management feature allows you to isolate versions of content at some point in time and register those versions of content on a new branch in the XDocs CCMS. Using the Branch Copy feature, documentation teams can isolate content, so versions of content can be developed in isolation and later the content can be merged or consolidated from branch to branch if desired.

Branch Copy provides options to isolate and relocate content as groups of files or as individually, manually selected files; there are options for branching an entire file set as defined in a project, for branching an entire folder of files as defined in the CMS folder view, and for branching one or more individual files as selected in the Branch Copy User Interface (UI) or the Browse UI.

The Branch Copy feature produces reports on the differences in content on branches, and it allows the  merging, or consolidation, of branches in either direction. The report provides mechanisms that allow you to perform the following actions at the time of the Branch copy:

  • Fix link errors
  • Modify merged and other XML
  • Skip existing, identical content

The Release Management feature is integrated system-wide in XDocs. As you move content to and from branches according to your content management strategy, you can bring your documentation projects through Integration automated Workflow processes and Localization cycles, apply Extended Metadata, easily locate content across branches using Browse and Search, and publish your content to your preferred output format.

Branch, Merge & Release Brochure