XDocs CCMS will meet all your content challenges head-on. However, you need a process in order for your content to meet your business objectives. Bluestream solutions can help you reach your goals, grow, and innovate.

Bluestream has deployed over 100 solutions worldwide. As a result we have developed a proven methodology to maximize the success of your DITA project.

solution stages for successful deployment

the stages required for a successful DITA CCMS deployment

Each stage in the Bluestream process is vital for a success and each has clearly identified objectives and deliverables.


We work with you to understand your goals and your pain points. We then map the results to project objectives. Working together, we define and outline the steps. We look at the process, the deliverables, and the measurements for success. At the end of this stage, all parties know how the organization will benefit in real terms and agree on a detailed project plan.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is the cornerstone of the solution. In developing the content strategy, we keep the objectives in sight while reviewing the interactions people have with your content. This includes people both inside and outside of the organization. Care is taken to meet the needs of all content stakeholders. We design specific strategies to manage your content and content processes. Guiding principles include using industry standards, best practices, and simplifying content and processes as much as possible. We agree processes for creating, reviewing, managing, publishing, distributing, and translating your content.

Content strategy is developed together with your key players and approved according to the agreed upon project plan. Because content strategy evolves over time, care is also taken to document the strategy. We also document related configurations, and governance plans that are used to make changes to the strategy as it evolves.

Information Architecture

The key advantage of XML is enabling computer-based processing of labor-intensive activities such as page layout and composition. To achieve this, the content has to be precisely and consistently structured. It also needs appropriate attributes and metadata for managing, filtering, and publishing the content.

Working with your key players, we again keep the objectives in sight while reviewing the interactions people have with your content. Custom architecture is developed to meet your objectives. Industry standards, best practices, and simplicity are employed to enable the content to undergo the computer-based processing. This needs to meet the project plan and allow for other processing in the future. In this phase, the information architecture is specified, mapped to content strategy, and approved according to the project plan.

System Configuration

Bluestream configures the system according to the approved content strategy and information architecture. We focus on building out the end-to-end solution in the system configuration. Configurations may include folder hierarchy, projects, branches, authoring templates, workflow and review setup. Localization, publishing outputs (including content filters), and content delivery to your customers will also be configured.


To ensure your success, Bluestream delivers comprehensive, customized training based on your needs. Training is hands-on and includes training materials and exercises performed as a group.  

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Once your solution is live, Bluestream provides ongoing support for both your software and your solution implementation. Support will continue throughout its life cycle, ensuring that you realize long term success and return on investment.

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