XDocs DITA CCMS is the leading single vendor solution for companies who want to improve and enhance their information workflow. A flexible standards compliant single-sourcing solution that enables everyone to create, manage, store and intelligently publish large volumes of both XML and non-XML content. Due to a flexible pricing model, all sizes of company and organization can benefit from XDocs comprehensive DITA support.

SaaS Pricing

This is a subscription based service with the software installed on our servers and supported by Bluestream staff.

Branch, Merge and Release is an optional module for XDocs Micro.

However, all other systems include; Workflow, Review and Collaboration (via WEX), and Metadata Management. Also included is our industry leading Branch, Merge and Release module.

Localization and Dynamic Delivery modules can be added when needed. Bluestream will provide technical support.


We class Advanced Users as Authors and System Admin. However, we do not restrict the number of casual users (contributors or reviewers) who can access XDocs. As a result, you can now involve more people in the content creation process.

If you have questions, or would like information regarding alternative XDocs licensing and pricing models please contact Bluestream.