Bluestream XDocs Micro CCMS addresses increasingly complex demands for structured and unstructured content amongst smaller teams of authors.

To offer the most flexible and cost-effective solution XDocs Micro CCMS comprises core system components together with optional modules that can be added as and when additional functionality is required.

This approach also makes XDocs the fastest enterprise class CCMS to deploy for a small local groups or global team of technical authors.

XDocs Micro is aimed at smaller teams of authors and contributors but is underpinned by the same technology that supports far larger and more complex deployments. Additional users can be added seamlessly and modules to increase functionality can be added at any time.

All XDocs components and the Java editors work on all platforms. XDocs runs on versions of Windows version 7+ and Mac OS version 10+ as well as any Linux and any other platform that runs a modern JAVA environment.

The APIs are available for customization of XDocs and for integration with other systems. The capabilities of the CCMS are exposed in a single development tool; all XDocs development is done in Java using NetBeans.

XDocs supports virtualization with many customers running XDocs on virtual machines. Further, the XDocs CCMS provides for fault tolerance, failover, high availability, or switchover with support for master/slave replication, and all XDocs applications are provided on the same server.