Find out how XDocs CCMS customers are finding success with our platform.

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XDocs CCMS five years of continuous delivery

How XDocs has been able to adapt to support changing processes and new products

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XDocs and Oxygen

Tight integration between Bluestream’s XDocs Component Content Management System (CCMS) and Oxygen XML products from Syncro Soft brings unrivalled control and functionality.

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Part of the Solution

An Information Architect at Micro Motion set off on a challenging task: migrate the manual for the Model 5700 transmitter from a SharePoint-based CCMS to the XDocs CCMS from Bluestream.

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From Struggle to Success Story

How one technical documentation team transformed themselves from over budget and over due to cost savers, time savers, and company front runners.

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Evolving to Find New Efficiencies

How one international technical documentation team has continued to meet documentation
challenges since 2010 using Dita and the XDocs CCMS.