DITA delivers major localization cost savings. However, the process must be fully managed.

XDocs streamlines the process and gives you dexterity in managing the task files in your project. The diagram below shows a simple workflow process. Here, content is authored and then localized into one or more target language.  This process can be repeated as shown.

Localization Workflow

The module generates status reports, seamlessly handling content as a project manager moves the content through the steps.


XDocs supports XLIFF. XLIFF is a standard format between a TMS and the translator’s Translation Workbench. As a result it suppresses useful context from the content and is not always the best approach with DITA.

Advanced localization processes set-up by DITA aware LSPs rely on raw DITA exchange. Taking advantage of DITA, they provide in context translation and in context review for the ‘in country’ SMEs. Therefore, leading to more competitive, more qualitative translations and up-to-date translation memories.





XDocs Localization

XDocs Localization

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