DITA: The Xerox Enterprise Approach

DCL and Bluestream Database Software are pleased to host Jeff Engle of Xerox Global Services for this DCL Learning Series Webinar, “DITA: The Xerox Enterprise Approach.” We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, June 19 as Jeff explains the good, bad, and ugly of implementing DITA—first at the departmental level and then across the enterprise.

Xerox was able to cut development time and achieve over 588% content reuse in technical publications. Jeff will discuss how those experiences were leveraged to implement a HR content management system based on DITA that boasted a 500% reuse of content, as well as implementing DITA for learning content.

DITA can bring great value to a company’s technical publications process. Improved documentation quality, faster time to market, and significant savings, especially in the area of localization, are among DITA’s key drivers. But most companies don’t see DITA’s full potential beyond a departmental solution for product documentation. In fact, DITA can be leveraged across the enterprise to create efficiency and deliver savings in non-traditional areas.

For more information about the webinar and to register, visit the Go To Meeting page, An Enterprise Approach to DITA.

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