Streamlining the Localization Process with New Automation – Bluestream CTO Jim Tivy to present at LavaCon 2019

Products are sold into markets that cross both country and language boundaries, so product documentation must be localized. Localizing documentation is made easier with DITA, a capable Component Content Management System (CCMS), and a Translation Management System (TMS). Even with these systems in place, you must always consider best practices and pitfalls. Jim will begin with an overview of the localization process, of how content flows across systems and organizations. In this context, we will discuss techniques and also wins and pitfalls in automating and streamlining the localization process.

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Jim Tivy is the CTO at Bluestream and a product architect of the XDocs XCMS. In 1999 Jim designed the first commercial XML database, XStreamDb. Jim was a member of the W3C XQuery working group during that time.  In 2005 Jim became involved with DITA as Bluestream added support for DITA to the XDocs XCMS.  Since then, Jim has taken a lead role on further features of the XDocs XCMS. Jim is a member of the OASIS DITA TC.