Simply XML Announces New Relationship with Bluestream

Simply XML, a provider of Content Mapper, a Microsoft Word to XML authoring tool, announces a new business relationship with Bluestream Database Software Inc., a provider of XDocs, a DITA Component Content Management System (CCMS). Bluestream will distribute Content Mapper with a full integration to XDocs.

“Integrating Content Mapper with XDocs will allow for wider overall DITA adoption. Despite all the business reasons to do so, a number of organizations are reluctant to leave the all-familiar Microsoft Word authoring environment and therefore are not making a move towards DITA. The tight integration between the respective technologies will allow for authors to focus on what they do best. Authors can continue to work in a Word environment while benefiting from the DITA standard,” said Nenad Furtula, VP of Sales and Marketing at Bluestream.

Simply XML and Bluestream are both committed to enabling all sizes and types of organizations to reap the benefits of DITA, so pairing up made sense. The success of both Simply XML and Bluestream is built upon their similar commitment to offering great technology and unbeatable value to customers. “This combination offers a powerful, cost effective, and easy to implement solution to the XML adoption process in organizations large and small,” said Doug Gorman, CEO of Simply XML. “We are excited about the opportunity to more broadly serve customers around the globe.”

Content Mapper integrated with Bluestream’s XDocs allows for economical end-to-end content creation, content management, and content publishing. Content Mapper manages all the XML behind the scenes, so writers can create their documents using the familiar Microsoft Word interface.

XDocs is a unique product that allows content managers to have a single solution for all of their enterprise and component content management needs. Created as a DITA product from its inception, XDocs harnesses the features of DITA and gives users powerful functionality. It allows global organizations to maximize the possibilities for content reuse, multichannel publishing, team productivity, and content quality refinement.

Together, Content Mapper and XDocs meet the broad needs of large and small commercial and government organizations—the needs for the ability to reuse content, to publish to the needs of specific audiences, to improve translation efficiency, and to leverage content created by anyone in the organization.

About Simply XML

Simply XML provides simple, easy to use solutions for creating and publishing valid XML content from Microsoft® Word. Creating, managing, and publishing content with Content Mapper minimizes costs and ensures control and efficiency across organizations. Our goal is to allow broader audiences across enterprises to take advantage of information standards, like DITA, by providing authors with simple tools for creating and publishing valid, high-quality XML.

About Bluestream

Bluestream’s flag-ship product XDocs Component Content Management System (CCMS) enables organizations of all sizes to realize the benefits of DITA at a lower cost than the competition, with comparable or better quality, and thus offers unparalleled value. Bluestream has been in business since 1997 and has customers in many verticals, among them software, oil and gas, health care, military, manufacturing, and finance.