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Product Brochures

XDocs CCMS Brochure

Dynamic Delivery Platform Brochure

XDocs Localization Module Brochure

Branch, Merge & Release Management Brochure

Extended Metadata Module Brochure

XDocs Learning & Assessment Brochure

XDocs & Salesforce Brochure

Machine Industry Module Brochure

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Whitepapers and Case Studies

XDocs CCMS five years of continuous delivery

Machine Industry Whitepaper

Enriching Salesforce with the Bluestream Delivery Platform

XDocs & oXygen Whitepaper

6 tips to migrate multilingual content

From struggle to success story

Webinar recordings

Enriching Salesforce with the Bluestream Dynamic Delivery Platform

Taking DITA to the Masses

Enhancing the entire Content Lifecycle with oXygen and XDocs

Enriching Salesforce with the Bluestream Delivery Platform

Streamlining the Localization Process with New Automation


You can find the XDocs User Guide and Technical Guide on the XDocs Knowledge Base.

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