Combining Rigorous Content Creation and Review with Dynamic Delivery using Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS

Policies and procedures are important in any industry. In sectors such as insurance, legal services, financial services, and life sciences, they are central to the operation of the business. Mistakes are extremely costly with such industries subject to rigorous regulatory regimes. As a result, to satisfy all regulatory and legal requirements content must be properly structured and complete.

In addition, subject matter experts must rigorously review the content. Content must be released in a timely fashion, and readily available to customers and agents across multiple platforms and devices.

Common challenges include error propagation caused by ‘out of date information’ in distribution. Also, challenges finding the right content and keeping content up to date in multiple languages, and difficulties in delivering content in the right format and medium, web-based, mobile, or PDF. Above all, different versions may apply to different customers or situations, and application of incorrect or out of date policies may lead to litigation.

Benefits of Structured Content

Structured content can help you to address the challenges in writing policies and procedures. Firstly, templates with boilerplate text define the specific sections and hierarchies required in a document. Updates are global, for example; a particular clause that applies to many policies needs updating due to a law change.

With structure, content reuse is easy and efficient, at the topic, section, or paragraph level. Variables allow you to publish content for multiple brands. You can automate output formatting for perfect presentation in any format. This Includes PDF and responsive HTML5 for viewing on any platform: laptops, tablets, smart phones etc.

The XDocs Solution

Sophisticated management and processing of structured content makes XDocs a natural fit for industries where policies and procedures are crucial. Moreover, Bluestream’s Solutions team will work with you to optimize every stage in your process. As a result, your policies and procedures are always up to date and accurate. They will also conform to all business needs and regulatory frameworks. Additionally, they are always available to the people who need them.

Advanced capabilities to manage content, include fine-grained versioning, content reuse, and branch/merge capabilities. Therefore, content is identified, updated, and repurposed with precision to ensuring your policies are always correct.

Draft policies and procedures quickly using templates with content rules, boilerplate text and variables. The resulting documents conform to requirements in legal, medical, insurance, and financial industries in different regulatory domains. Send these to domain experts for fast online review using the XDocs WEX web app.

Reviewed, the content is routed for approval or back to the author to finalize the publication via customized workflows matching your business’s needs or regulatory framework.


In many regions it is critical to have up to date localized policies and procedures. For example, French in Canada or Spanish in many parts of the United States. XDocs’ advanced localization management capabilities allow you to keep multi-language content up to date with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Publication and Distribution

You can post current, dynamically updated content to the XDocs Delivery Platform in multiple languages. In addition, the DDP integrates with CRM tools such as Salesforce. Therefore, your key users – insurance agents, bankers, medical professionals etc. always have accurate, up to date information. That enables them to do their jobs and maximizes your ROI.