XDocs is a feature-rich, enterprise DITA Component Content Management System (CCMS) from Bluestream. With agility, XDocs takes you through one content life cycle and into the next.



The XDocs CCMS is a complete content management system includes many features to help you manage DITA and other content, manage users and their access to content, manage tasks in automated workflows, manage localizations, and more.


XDocs is tightly integrated with your choice of XML editors XMLmind XML Editor (XXE), Oxygen, Structured FrameMaker, and XMetal; However, XDocs can work with any editors, such as Illustrator and Excel for example.


XDocs ships with a large number of searches, and you can create your own searches, for example, to use with your custom metadata. XDocs also includes a powerful multi-facet browse to help you quickly locate and manage content.


XDocs Reviewer is tightly integrated with XDocs Workflow for the purpose of reviewing content and DITA maps. The Reviewer can run as a web applet to allow non-technical users to easily review and comment on content.


XDocs is a DITA-based component content management system with features that make it easy for you to find the content that needs to be updated, perform the updates, pass the content through your workflows and localization process, and quickly publish the approved, updated content, so your customers have access to the latest information.


XDocs has a Localization management features that allow translation managers to easily and quickly determine the content that needs to be sent out for translation—based on the content version and target languages.

The Localization module handles to packaging and export of content bound for translation and handles the translated content coming in from the LSP, which ensures a smart relationship between your source content and target content.

XDocs also manages your localized target language content in the CMS, heals broken links, manual links, and cross links, and publishes the target content according to your content delivery model.

The Localization module helps deliver on the DITA promise of lowering translation costs by allowing you to send out only modified content for translation. This also makes for a faster translation turnaround and reduces time to market.


Bluestream has created a new Knowledge Base that offers an agile, automated, responsive delivery of your approved source and target content directly from your source server, including video and audio. The Knowledge Base makes content delivery and updates more efficient and effective. Your readers can search, browse, find, and share your approved knowledge assets faster and more efficiently in both HTML and PDF.

Additionally, XDocs comes with many built-in features to support publish to a large variety of output formats, publish content as of certain dates, publish to all languages, and more. XDocs publishing uses the DITA OT and currently supports all DITA 1.2 features.


XDocs has many features to support your content through endless lifecycles, for example, robust mechanisms to handle content versioning and branching, features to allow you to create powerful extended metadata to assist with finding the content you need, and more.

Open standards

All XDocs modules and features are based on DITA and other open technologies, such as BPMN 2.0 and OWL 2. The XDocs CCMS is a complete content management system, right out-of-the-box, with all of the features that you need to create, manage, and deliver content; however, because it is based on open technologies, the possibilities for extension are endless.

Visit the XDocs Resources page to find more product information such as brochures, webinars, and more.