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Generating bid, project and marketing documentation via MS Dynamics and Bluestream’s XDocs DITA CCMS

Free Webinar on 14th October at 9:00 PST presented by Katharina Palkovich of Indra Navia and Rik Page of Bluestream.

Heathrow Airport

Organizations have many different systems that all hold valuable information, these include CRM, PLM, ERP, CCMS and more. With the need to create complex documents how can you start joining these systems up.

Indra is a global technology and consulting company and a world-leader in providing solutions in the Transport and Defence markets. It has over 49,000 employees and revenue of €3.204 million. Indra has a local presence in 46 countries and business operations in over 140 countries.

Indra Navia develop software and solutions that support all stages of commercial flight, as a result, they have a global customer base. They have recently completed a project that unites MS Dynamics and Bluestream XDocs coupled with the development of a new product selection tool. The result is the streamlining of the creation of bid, tender and other documentation. This presentation will follow their journey sharing the knowledge gained along the way, including their move to structured content.

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