Finding the True Value of Structured Content in an Organization

Rik Page – Director Sales & Marketing EMEA at Bluestream to present at DITA Europe in Brussels – Thursday 7th November at 11:30



Structured content brings many advantages to an organization. However, convincing management that a structured content solution will benefit an organization requires building business cases specific to the industry. The obvious reasons to move to DITA structured content (e.g. reuse, lowering translation costs, and improving the overall information development lifecycle) have always been understood by the technical writing community. However, soliciting the value proposition with the management needs to go beyond that. This talk will focus on understanding the information flow within an organization and how you can build powerful business cases that will resonate with management.


Test Kitchen Live Demonstration – DITA for All – WEX

Bringing the rest of the organization into the structured content lifecycle has always been a challenge for the DITA community. Non-technical writers such as programmers, engineers, and SMEs are creating content. As a result, DITA vendors have a responsibility to make the the tools more transparent. And to make the technologies emulate the mainstream tools such as MS Word, Wikis, or Google Docs. This presentation will focus on a web-based module in the XDocs CCMS. WEX allows everyone in the organization to participate in the content lifecycle.

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