DITA Primer for STC Canada West Coast Chapter

Bluestream will be giving a talk titled “DITA primer” to Society for Technical Communication Canada/West Coast Chapter on February 27, 2007.

About this event

In 2007 it’s almost impossible for technical communicators to hide from the DITA world. It’s a little like that 90s children’s game called “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” Everyone is talking about DITA, but have you actually seen DITA? You’ve been given lots of clues about what it looks like, how it works, but would you recognize it if you saw it? Would you know what to do with it if someone gave it to you to use?.

Editor’s Note: Jim Tivy, Bluestream CTO, gave an encore presentation of this talk in 2008. Read the review of DITA authoring with XMetaL and XDocs and watch the video at the STC CWC website.

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