Bluestream partners with both technology and service providers. This ensures our customers always have access to a full range of products and services.

Technology Partners

Bluestream XDocs enjoys tight integration with the technologies below:

Authoring platforms

Adobe FrameMaker logo

Adobe – Structured FrameMaker DITA-enabled XML editor. Search XDocs, check-out and check-in files from within FM. Also, launch FM from XDocs.

JustSystems – Developer of XMetaL and XMetaL DITA.

Simply XML – Content Mapper MS Word plugin

Syncro Soft – Developer of Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Web Author. Search XDocs, check-out and check-in files from within Oxygen. Launch Oxygen from XDocs. Fully involve SMEs in the content lifecycle via XDocs WEX and Oxygen Web Author.

XMLmind – Developer of XMLmind XML Editor (XXE) 

Plugin technology

DeltaXML DeltaXML develop and support XML Comparison and Merge solutions. Our comparison software allows you to find and present changes. Our merge toolkits intelligently recombine multiple documents or datasets into a single file. Algorithms and flexible APIs mean there are a number of ways our products are utilised. From improving regulatory processes to adding additional components to existing products and services.

Design Science – MathType, MathFlow and MathPlayer products that create equations.

Leximation – Developer of DITA FMx Structured Frame Maker DITA PlugIn

Publishing platforms

Adobe – FrameMaker and FrameMaker Server

Antenna House Formatter  – Based on the W3C standards for XSL-FO and CSS and recognized as the most powerful and proven formatting software available. It is used worldwide in demanding applications where the need is to format HTML and XML into PDF and print. Antenna House Formatter offers support for over 70 languages, MathML 3.0, complex page layout, and more.

It is used to produce millions of pages daily of technical, financial, user, and a wide variety of other documentation for thousands of customers in 45 countries.

RenderX – XEP PDF server

Syncro Soft – Developer of Oxygen WebHelp for DITA and DocBook

MiramoPDF by Datazone is an easy to use GUI based, DITA/CCMS to PDF publishing solution. Costs are reduced because it does not need any programming skills. Consequently, design control is left where it is needed.

MiramoPDF is included in the Miramo Enterprise Software Suite. It is used 24/7 globally in the financial, government and manufacturing sectors. Producing in multiple languages, high volumes of directories, contracts, catalogs, financial documents and S1000D & DITA technical documents. Miramo Enterprise includes an API, job scheduling, scalable processing channels, load balancing, remote job processing and administration, and auditing controls.

Zoomin – delivers product answers, by publishing relevant, personalized content to your customers, when and where they need it.
Companies invest in creating rich technical documentation, but they deliver it as a dated, static and frustrating experience. Zoomin changes the way users experience your content by delivering a personal, dynamic digital experience across a variety of customer touch-points. These include a  document portal, your community cloud, support site, or directly within your web app as a help widget.

WebWorks – ePublisher and ePublisher Pro

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