Bluestream is partnered with both technology and service providers to ensure that customers everywhere have access to a full range of supporting products and services.

ClearComm Information Design (Canada) – Canadian source for structured writing

ComTech (USA) – Education and Training in DITA, minimalism, and information modeling; and Consulting in CMS implementation, information architecture, and stylesheet development

Dakota Systems (USA/International) – Dakota helps global enterprises design and implement digital communication strategies that drive growth. Our services include content strategy, XDocs deployment and customization, output transformation development, XML technology training, and ongoing support

DCL (USA) – Leader in organizing, converting, and moving content to modern formats for wide access and new revenue streams with expertise across many industries

Ryffine (USA) – Ryffine helps technical communicators create content their customers love. By using a customized approach, Ryffine helps technical communicators improve the way they develop, manage, and present their content.

HyperWrite (Australia) – Focused on training and strategic consultancy for Help Systems, Structured Authoring, DITA, Hypertext, and Documentation Technologies

InfoParse (Japan) – Provider of technical support services for software, of CCMS implementation services, and of training & workshops for DITA-enabled tools and information development based in Tokyo, Japan

Intentional Design (Canada) – Vendor-neutral content strategies for organizations moving to structured content, and custom courses for minimalist, topic-based, translation-ready , structured writing, and concepts of DITA

Mekon (UK) – Founded in 1990, Mekon are UK consultants and systems integrators focused on increasing the effectiveness of content creation, management, and delivery

Publishing Smarter (Canada) – Basic and advanced training for XDocs, XMetaL, and DITA

Stilo (UK/Canada) – Developers of Migrate – an XML cloud service that enables SMEs to automate the conversion of their content to DITA, and AuthorBridge – a DITA authoring solution that enables SMEs to make browser-based contributions to a CCMS

Suite Solutions (Israel/USA) – Content Lifecycle Implementation approach: through every phase of the process, from needs assessment through implementation, Suite Solutions is available to analyze, recommend, and answer questions

The Content Era (USA)

Urbina Consulting (Europe)

WhP (France/Slovakia/China) – Help growing technology companies become global software and content publishers. The partnership with Bluestream enables us to align our processes. From the initial set-up to publishing, the content flows, terminology is consistent, and time-to-market shortened.

WK Automotive (Netherlands) – Documentation specialists in the automotive sector, providing writing, translation, design, publication, information development, and consultation services

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