Spain’s First Structured Content Strategy Seminar

Information is at the heart of most business processes, but information is hard to manage. How can you get the most value out of your information and your staff’s knowledge? Additionally, when not properly handled, information costs our businesses and makes it harder to compete at a national and international level. Having a content strategy and using structured content can add value to your business by making information more accessible. Content Strategy makes your processes more cost-effective, efficient, and fast. But what is content strategy? (more…)

DITA: The Xerox Enterprise Approach

DCL and Bluestream Database Software are pleased to host Jeff Engle of Xerox Global Services for this DCL Learning Series Webinar, “DITA: The Xerox Enterprise Approach.” We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, June 19 as Jeff explains the good, bad, and ugly of implementing DITA—first at the departmental level and then across the enterprise. Xerox was able to cut development time and achieve over 588% content reuse in technical publications. Jeff will discuss how those experiences were leveraged to implement a HR content management system based on DITA that boasted a 500% reuse of content, as well as implementing DITA for learning content.

Webinar – Squeeze the maximum value from your terminology

Bluestream announced today the presentation of an upcoming webinar from Bluestream CTO Jim Tivy on Monday, May 20. In “How to squeeze the maximum value from your terminology,” Jim will explore the use of terminology for authors and readers showing how DITA and DITA-enabled tools can exploit terminology to its fullest potential.

Bluestream offers enhanced sales and support in Europe

Bluestream announced today the opening of its European office. Bluestream is pleased to be expanding its operations and offering enhanced sales and product support in Europe. With the recent release of XDocs v.3.5, which features a localization module that allows for multi-source language content creation, the expansion into Europe is very timely.

XDocs version 3.5 delivers on DITA translation promise

Bluestream announces today the release of XDocs version 3.5. The XDocs CCMS 3.5 offers robust new features including an innovative translation-localization module and a new, flexible, extensive search function.

Simply XML Announces New Relationship with Bluestream

Simply XML, a provider of Content Mapper, a Microsoft Word to XML authoring tool, announces a new business relationship with Bluestream. Bluestream will distribute Content Mapper with a full integration to XDocs.

Webinar: Taking the Pain out of SME Review

Nenad Furtuda of Bluestream, George Bina of Syncro Soft (Oxygen), and Frank Miller of Comtech Services will discuss the challenges and show how new technologies, along with best practices in information architecture and process, are enabling organizations to meet those challenges. Nenad, George, and Frank will demonstrate how an organization can round-trip content through the review cycle and accurately collect SME feedback via an interface that shows none of the complexities of the DITA architecture.

Adobe Partnership

Bluestream has allied with Adobe to provide tighter integration and advanced connectivity between FrameMaker10 and Bluestream’s XDocs CCMS v3.0. This tighter integration promises enhanced productivity for content creators.