Webinar with the SVDIG

See the XDocs CCMS in action as we learn about how changing trends in the DITA space and in content delivery. Join presenters Scott Prentice of Leximation, Inc. and Nenad Furtula of Bluestream in this upcoming free webinar sponsored by…continue reading

The Demise of the Manual

Learn about the latest trends with JoAnn Hackos of Comtech Services and Nenad Furtula of Bluestream in this upcoming free webinar sponsored by the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) on March 23, 2016 at 9am PDT | 12pm EDT |…continue reading

Adobe and Bluestream forge stronger ties

Bluestream Database Software Corp.—a provider of DITA-enabled Component Content Management System (CCMS) solutions—is pleased to announce the integration of Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release) and Adobe FrameMaker XML Author (2015 release) with Bluestream’s XDocs CCMS version 4.1. Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release)…continue reading

Bluestream at CMS/DITA North America in April

Bluestream Database Software Corp—a provider of DITA-enabled Component Content Management System (CCMS) solutions—looks forward to the CMS/DITA North America conference in Reston, Virginia on April 4-6 2016. Bluestream is a longtime supporter of CMS/DITA North America. This year, the XDocs…continue reading

LavaCon in Dublin

Bluestream is excited about the addition of a European conference to the LavaCon series. Bluestream will be exhibiting at LavaCon Dublin, Ireland on June 5-7, as well as at LavaCon Las Vegas on October 27-29. LavaCon is a gathering place…continue reading

Bluestream CTO presenting at the 2015 CMS/DITA NA conference

Bluestream is pleased to announce that CTO Jim Tivy will be presenting at the 2015 Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday, April 12. The 3-day annual conference is hosted by the Center for Information Development Management and is billed as “the premier content management event of the year,” with “stimulating presentations in four tracks.”

Metadata Part 2: Metadata and the Future of Content

Metadata is your key to the Internet of Things, augmented reality, wearable devices, in-context embedded help, dynamic delivery and personalisation, avoiding conditional tagging overload, and a laundry list of additional channels and formats. For some, such potential is in the far-off distance. For others, they’re a present-day challenge.

Webinar: Metadata Part 1

Metadata and Metadata Standards: We’ve all heard they are vital to content being found, managed, analysed, efficiently consumed, and efficiently and cost-effectively translated—but which metadata? Where? How much do you need? What difference does it make to end users vs. authors?

Bluestream’s Fall 2014 Conference Schedule

This fall, Bluestream is pleased to attend and exhibit at LavaCon in Portland, Oregon on October 12-15, 2014 and at DITA Europe in Munich, Germany on November 18-19. If you are also attending one or both conferences, Bluestream invites you to visit their table and share your content concerns. Bluestream will have XDocs CCMS version 4.0 at the conference and will be discussing exciting new features in content management.