Winter Conference January 28 and 29, 2020

Past Conferences

DITA Europe


Nordic Tech Komm

CIDM Best Practices Conference 2019 – September 9 to 11 in Austin, Texas

IDEAS Summer Online Conference 2019 – July 23 and 24


The Many Hats of a Technical Communicator 2019

Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2019

Join Bluestream for North America’s leading DITA focused conference

DITA Europe – Rotterdam 5th- 6th November 2018

Join Bluestream at Europe’s premiere DITA event

LavaCon – New Orleans 2018

Meet the Bluestream Team in New Orleans from 21st to 24th October.

LavaCon Portland 2017

DITA Europe 2017

Be sure to catch Bluestream’s Rik Page in the Test Kitchen,

Branch and Merge – Release Management’s biggest challenge?
Successful release management has to overcome many obstacles but perhaps the biggest challenge with DITA content is effectively dealing with the branch and merge of Topics. Bluestream’s XDocs 50 brings a fresh and streamlined approach to branch and merge management. Users can now easily identify changes in the branch content and effortlessly manage changes.

At the test kitchen you will see first-hand how this new functionality works and how your documentation production processes can be simplified.

Rik Page is EMEA Director of Sales and Marketing at Bluestream. He has been involved with DITA since 2005, taking part in numerous projects in the UK, Europe and USA. Rik goes out of his way to fully understand the challenges faced by companies and is a champion of innovative technology and clever solutions.

Learn more about DITA Europe on the website

DITA NA 2017


You can catch us April 24-26 in San Diego at the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference. Please come by our table in the Exhibitor Hall and say hello! We’d love to hear about your content issues.

You can hear Bluestream CTO Jim Tivy’s talk, “Addressing localization issues with DITA and a CCMS” on Tuesday, April 25 at 11:20am. Learn more about this year’s conference on the Content Management Strategies website.

In the past, we may have met at one of these conferences:

DITA NA 2016

April 4-6 in Reston, Virginia—Drop by our table and say hello to the Bluestream team at the eighteenth annual Content Management Strategies/DITA North America. We are a community of people who believe that international standards, structured content, reuse capabilities, and multiple media delivery are the directions of the future. Meet publications professionals who have implemented content management strategies and the OASIS DITA standard in their organizations. Hear from key tool developers who are actively supporting the standards-based community.

Find out more about the conference at the Content Management Strategies website.

LavaCon Europe 2016

June 5-7 in Dublin, Ireland—Join us at the first LavaCon event in Europe, which will be held at the prestigious Trinity College Conference Center near the Temple Bar area of Dublin, Ireland. Learn more about Lavacon 2016 on the conference site.

CIDM Best Practices 2016

September 12-14 in Santa Fe, NM—Join members of the Bluestream team and CIDM Best Practices for the premier annual conference for managers of information development, training, and support. Learn from your colleagues the best ideas and innovations in the industry. Discover how organizations are pursuing social media, dynamic publishing, content management, enterprise-wide information creation through wikis and blogs, and much more. Interact with a community of peers, all of whom are struggling with many of the same challenges that you are. Share the experiences of managers and organizations that have introduced amazing innovations or seen significant increases in effectiveness and productivity.

Find out more about the conference here: link coming soon!

Lavacon US 2016

Meet us in Las Vegas, October 27-29 at Lavacon US! More information about the conference is coming soon. Lavacon Las Vegas.

DITA Europe 2016

Bluestream is pleased to be a sponsor of the CIDM DITA Europe 2016 event, which takes place on November 14-15 in Munich, Germany. We look forward to meeting up with our customers and partners in Europe and making new connections. You’ll find us in the Exhibit Hall, so please come by and say, “Guten Tag!”

Information Development World 2016

More info soon!

In 2015, you may have met us at these conferences:

DITA Europe 2015

November 16-17, 2015 in Munich, Germany at DITA Europe 2015, “the eleventh annual Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference.”

Lavacon 2015

October 18–21, 2015, we went to New Orleans for Lavacon 2015, “The LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy and User Experience offers expert training on content strategy and how to produce and manage digital publishing projects.” Stop by the Bluestream booth and say hello!

2015 CMS/DITA North America

April 20-22, 2015, you found us in Chicago, Illinois for the 2015 CMS/DITA North America conference. At this, “the premier content management event of the year,” Bluestream CTO Jim Tivy will be presenting again. This year, Tivy presented on the topic “Release Management with DITA Content.” We invited you to say hello to Jim Tivy following his talk and to stop by the Bluestream booth in the Exhibition Hall.

In years past, we attended these conferences:

2014 CMS/DITA North America

April 28-30, 2014, we were in Seattle, Washington for 2014 CMS/DITA North America, “the premier content management event of the year. You will find exciting presentations in four tracks, plus many opportunities for networking with colleagues and building new relationships.”

Congility 2014

From June 18-20, 2014, you found us in Gatwick, UK at Congility 2014, “Congility is definitively Europe’s foremost content strategy conference for component and structured content and is gearing up for its 7th year. Join us and learn more about giving content agility and how it can benefit you and your organisation.”

Lavacon 2014

October 13–15, 2014, we went to Portland, Oregon for Lavacon 2014, “The LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy and User Experience offers expert training on content strategy and how to produce and manage digital publishing projects.”

DITA Europe 2014

November 18-19, 2014, we were in Munich, Germany at DITA Europe, “the tenth annual Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference.”

5th Annual Intelligent Content Conference

From the website:

The Fifth Annual Intelligent Content Conference takes place in San Francisco on February 7-8, 2013 at the Mission Bay Conference Center at UCSF. This year’s event focuses on helping organizations better understand the emerging discipline of corporate publishing with an emphasis on teaching you what you need to know about the standards, methods, and tools needed to deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right format and language, on the device of the customer’s choosing.

2013 CMS/DITA North America

Here’s the invitation from CIDM:

Join CIDM April 15-17 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence for the 2013 CMS/DITA North America conference, the premier content management event of the year. You will find exciting presentations in four tracks, including the Emerging Technologies track we inaugurated in 2012.

Learn from managers, information architects, technology experts, authors, trainers, and others who have worked hard to develop outstanding solutions for managing content effectively. Learn from their successes and the pitfalls they’ve encountered. Engage in conversations with those who share your concerns, can address your questions, and bring their experience to bear on your plans and hopes.

In addition to taking part in the wonderful lineup of more than 70 presentations, visit with the conference exhibitors to learn about their latest product innovations. They offer technologies that help you create content in an XML authoring environment, manage your content store, produce attractive and effective publications, and ensure the quality of what your deliver to customers. Remember, they are anxious to learn about your needs as well.

Information Energy 2013

On 13 and 14 June 2013, Utrecht functions as a hub for content and information specialists. Information Energy – Get more out of content!
 Information Energy 2013

Content Agility 2013

Bluestream was a sponsor at Content Agility 2013, June 26-27, Gatwick (London), UK.

Content Agility 2013 is a unique event bringing together Content Strategy, Structured Content, and Component CMS under one roof. Content Agility 2013 will cover more than just tools and technologies. Come and further extend your knowledge into the world of dynamic, future-proof delivery across multiple audience and device profiles. Learn from global thought-leaders and diverse real-world case studies…

DITA Best Practices 2013

September 16-18, 2013
 in Savannah, Georgia:

Best Practices is the premier annual conference for managers of information development, training, and support. From your colleagues, learn about the best ideas and innovations in the industry. Discover how managers in organizations like yours are pursuing scenario-focused information architecture and delivery of content to mobile devices, transforming publications organizations from product- to customer-focused, communicating effectively with project stakeholders about our new methods, and considering the challenge of measuring actions and results.
 DITA Best Practices 2013

LavaCon 2013

October 21-23, 2013, Bluestream is attending LavaCon 2013. From the website:

To assist organizations solve content-related business problems that results in increased revenue and decreased production costs. We are in the middle of a content development revolution. To attract and engage the next generation of tech-savvy customers, we must do more than just write content—we must deliver user-optimized content when the consumer wants it, where the consumer wants it, and in the format the consumer wants it…

In 2013, we also attended DITA Europe!