Bluestream provide the XDocs CCMS, a DITA-based Component Content Management System (CCMS) – the leading single vendor solution for organizations looking to improve and enhance their information workflow. With a unique rapid to deploy methodology coupled with unrivaled functionality, Bluestream are inspiring teams of authors to create powerful user-focused content that can be flexibly delivered to any device or platform.

Bluestream customers range from Fortune 100 organizations seeking complex cross-departmental documentation solutions to small businesses containing single author teams.

Bluestream has been in business since 1997 and has customers in many verticals, among them software, oil and gas, health care, military, manufacturing, and finance.


Bluestream is committed to enabling all sizes and types of organizations to reap the benefits of a CCMS. Bluestream is deeply rooted in open system ideology and has created the XDocs CCMS to bridge the void between open standard and a commercially available, complete, end-to-end content solution.

Commitment to Standards

Bluestream adheres to structured software design methodologies such as Joint Application Design (JAD), and uses industry standards and best practices. As a founding member of the W3C XQuery Working Group and a participant in other open standards organizations, Bluestream is a firm supporter of initiatives by industry organizations (W3C, IEEE, IMS, and ASA) and private consortiums promoting interoperability standards.

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