Create Illustrated Parts Catalogs from your CCMS


Complex manufacturing calls for Illustrated Parts Catalogues to help provide maintenance/service engineers, buyers and others with detailed information. IPCs have historically difficult to produce and even harder to maintain. Advances in system integrations means it is now possible to create Illustrated Parts Catalogs from your CCMS, Bluestream will show you how.

Nenad Furtula – Bluestream’s VP Sales and Marketing will be presenting at Ideas Online July 29th 2020 at 9:30-10:30 PST

Create, Manage and Deliver all your technical documentation

Manufacturers use ERP, PLM, CAD, etc., and more often than not, they do not talk to one another. Also, Tech Pubs need the content these systems hold to create documentation, but it is hard to access. Custom machines require unique documents based on custom BOMs (Bills of Materials) and hand assembly. As a result, it is difficult and time-consuming to generate this customer-specific information.

These are just some of the reasons it is time to look for a better solution.

The XDocs Manufacturing Suite is a tightly integrated part and service information solution that allows manufacturers to address customer needs better. A solution that connects with your existing systems provides instant access to up-to-date documentation and increases the sales of spare parts and consumables through a web-based interactive service delivery portal.

The XDocs Manufacturing Suite unites all systems deployed by manufacturing companies to create a seamless content solution.

Use XDocs Connectors to bring information stored in ERP and PLM systems into the authoring interface and import BoMs, CAD, and other content/data. Then build IPCs (Illustrated Parts Catalogs), Operating Manuals, Maintenance Schedules and IETPs (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications), hot-spot diagrams, and much more. Next, review everything in a browser-based application and efficiently manage the translation process. Finally, link to parts-ordering and fulfillment systems, publish to any device or platform and build customer portals.

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