IPCs and IETMs – What are they?

An IETM (interactive electronic technical manual) delivers machine and site specific content to engineers carrying out planned preventative maintenance and repair. Content includes video and animation whilst supporting fast navigation and links to the IPC. As a result, the engineer gets instant access to the right information.

An IPC (illustrated spare parts catalogue) is an electronic catalogue, published online and therefore, available on multiple devices.

IPCs contain all relevant data for spare parts identification and ordering in linked form. It includes drawings, 3D graphics and exploded views. Hot-spots on diagrams link parts to their corresponding information. So, clicking on a specific part in the diagram will display the related parts list information.

You can navigate in the catalogue via a structure tree, or by search. 3D graphics also allow navigation to specific sub-assembly groups and parts with just one mouse click. Most interactive spare parts catalogues are provided with an ordering function (shopping cart). The IPC and IETM are linked.

Why are they needed?

Whatever the industry; equipment manufacturing, transportation, mechanical engineering etc. PPM (planned preventative maintenance) and the spare parts business has become strategically more important. Above all spare parts are a major source of repeat revenue. Making it easy for users to identify the correct parts undoubtedly improves customer experience.

Common challenges for the Authors when producing documentation include:

  • No connection to ERP or PDM
  • Spare parts and service information is distributed across different systems, as a result parts identification is difficult and time consuming
  • Continuous distribution and updating is extremely time-consuming
  • The challenge for the Engineers when in the field include:
  • Access to the latest information
  • Access to the correct procedures, because procedures can get updated paper manuals will become out of date.
  • Spare parts identification and ordering is difficult as a result delays occur.
  • The XDocs IPC Module
  • To address these challenges Bluestream have developed the MI Module. Building on the core XDocs framework the MI Module provides:
  • A system that gives authors instant access to the latest parts information
  • The ability to hot-spot diagrams, build IETMs and IPCs
  • A system that delivers detailed installation and maintenance procedures to any device or platform.
  • An interactive system that helps Users to quickly identify and order replacement parts. Therefore, helping to reduce downtime.
  • A solution that can deliver information unique to the individual installation of a machine, plant, or piece of equipment.

XDocs MI Module

With the XDocs MI Module you can connect all systems to XDocs, this in turn makes the information stored on these systems available to your technical authors. This saves time in cross checking systems and ensures the information they have is current.

The BOM Manager lets you create, import and compare Bills of Materials. Meanwhile the BOM Explorer lets you search for components via part number or description.

With the Catalog Editor you can build your IPC including the hot spotting of diagrams and assigning product data.  

XDocs MI Module

Manufacturer benefits

  • Increased technical author productivity through instant access to internal systems data – ERP, PLM etc.
  • Revenue from consumables/spare parts sales
  • Increase the effectiveness of service engineers through instant access to the latest information
  • Reduced equipment downtime and Improved customer experience

Customer benefits

  • Improved content consumer experience through instant access to the latest information
  • Quickly identify the correct parts information
  • Instant access to replacement parts ordering
  • Access to supporting information such as installation instructions
  • Increased effectiveness of Maintenance Engineers which in turn will reduce equipment downtime