Deliver IPCs and IETMs to any device or platform with the Bluestream XDocs MI Module

Many manufacturing companies are using DITA for technical documentation, but they also have data stored in other systems. ERP, PLM, CAD and CRM systems all hold valuable information, but there is little data sharing between these systems.

In addition, these companies have high demands of their documentation. They work with BoMs (Bills of Material) and need to produce IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals). IPCs (Illustrated Parts Catalogues) and more. Planned preventive maintenance of machines is vital and spare parts fulfillment also provides a valuable revenue stream.

Bluestream XDocs Parts Aware Solution brings all these things together into a single place. Our ‘parts-aware’ capability gives authors instant access to info stored in other systems without the need to leave the authoring app. They can also easily build and publish IPCs and IETMs from within the system alongside all other outputs.  

MI module overview
XDocs MI Module