Bluestream XDocs Micro CCMS helps smaller teams of authors meet the complex demands on technical content. It can also be used for Proof of Concept development.

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XDocs Micro CCMS ships with core system components

Bluestream apply a unique deployment methodology. As a result you get up and running quickly. Control costs by only adding additional modules when you need them.

As a result of using XDocs Micro, your Team will be able to create powerful user-focused content and publish instantly to any device or platform.

XDocs Micro

Future proof

The technology that supports far larger more complex deployments underpins XDocs Micro.  Therefore making the solution easy to scale. Control costs by only adding users and modules when needed.

Also all XDocs components and the Java editors work on all platforms. XDocs runs on Windows 7+, Mac OS 10+, Linux and any platform that runs a modern JAVA environment.

You can customize XDocs Micro and integrate it with other systems using the full set of APIs. As a result you get even greater value from your investment. A single development tool exposes all the capabilities of the CCMS. Development is done using Java and NetBeans.

XDocs supports virtualization with many customers running XDocs on virtual machines. Also, XDocs CCMS provides for fault tolerance, failover, high availability, or switchover with support for master/slave replication. Usually all XDocs applications are provided on the same server.

Content Lifecycle

With Bluestream XDocs Micro CCMS you control every step of your content lifecycle with unparalleled agility. XDocs provides you with an enterprise end-to-end content solution.

XDocs Product Brochure