Creating and curating your content is only part of the challenge of modern documentation. You must deliver content to your users in the way that suits them. Introducing Bluestream’s Dynamic Delivery Platform.

The DITA Open Toolkit ships with XDocs, but there are other output options.

Dynamic Delivery Platform Brochure

XDocs DDP (Dynamic Delivery Platform)

Bluestream’s DDP lets you deliver DITA content to any device or platform, for example websites, apps, self-service portals etc. Content for the DDP comes directly from the CCMS and so is always up to date.

The DDP can be configured for a wide range of solutions, for example, the Knowledge Base Portal shown below.Screen shot of XDocs Knowledge Base

Screen shot of XDocs Knowledge Base created by the XDocs Dynamic Delivery Platform

Alongside DITA, the DDP can also deliver video and audio content. Users can also filter content by product, version, user type, and more. This makes your content much more accessible and as a result more valuable to your customers.

The DDP enables agile, responsive delivery of approved content directly from your source server to any device or platform and in any language. When used to create self-service portals, Users can search, browse, find, and share your approved knowledge assets faster and more efficiently.

Content comes directly from the CCMS, therefore, approved content is immediately published without risk of corruption. Through this tight integration, the DDP blends seamlessly with your content creation, review, management, and localization tools.

All Bluestream products are designed to require the minimum of support from Bluestream or our partners once deployed. The DPP can be configured and customised by your own IT or web teams.

Dynamic Delivery Platform Brochure

Delivering technical documentation content via Salesforce and ZenDesk

If you use Salesforce, the Salesforce Community is where you interact with your customers. Through your Helpdesk, blog posts, FAQs, simple knowledge base posts, and so on. Until now, it has been difficult to deliver complex technical content through Salesforce. Hard to build in navigation hierarchy, embedded multimedia, and information structure. Adding the XDocs DDP, puts your rich technical content in the hands of your customers and support team in Salesforce. The result is more effective and efficient support, more successful customer self-help, and better customer experience.

Fully integrated brand and customer experience

You’ve invested in creating great content. Your ROI depends on your customers and support staff experiencing that content in the most accessible, integrated way possible.

Fully integrate your rich technical content into your branded Salesforce site. Help your customers to easily find great support information through Community searches, right besides your forums, blog posts, and Salesforce KB articles. Dynamically update content through Bluestream’s end-to-end solution. Use XDocs tags to customize information based on user profiles, permissions, and languages. As a result deliver customer- and configuration-specific documents, policies, or procedures.

Dynamic Delivery Platform Brochure