The Machine Industry (MI) Module makes the XDocs system ‘parts aware’ providing a platform to manage and simplify the transmitting of parts information into documentation.

The disconnect between technical documentation and parts information impacts the effectiveness of technical documentation teams. Companies need documentation that is rich in parts information. However, content is often created and updated through systems and processes entirely separated from parts databases. When manual entry of parts information is required, the outcome is inconsistency, errors, and update issues.

As a result, the XDocs MI Module will:

  • Capture CAD and BOM data from any source including ERP and PLM systems
  • Assist the authors by combining and linking data. Consequently, aiding the generation of documents including: Illustrated Parts Catalogs, Installation Guides and Troubleshooting Manuals
  • Reuse graphics and BOM assemblies
  • Deliver content online with the Bluestream Delivery Platform, publish to Portals, third party IPCs, PDFs, and other formats


  • Ingest BOM data and diagrams from PLMs, ERPs, Vendors
  • Structure data into normalized parts database, removing all duplicate parts entries
  • Ensure data consistency and integrity
  • Automate linking between diagrams and related parts tables
  • Scalable to many thousands of assemblies
  • Enable the search and lookup of assemblies
  • Improve and augment imported parts information i.e. hotspots
  • Provide access to parts data when authoring
  • Provide access to parts metadata when tagging topics
  • Enable the automated generation of IPCs and IETM

Machine Industry Module brochure