As companies grow there are more complex demands for technical content. Add XDocs optional modules when needed to further enhance the core functionality and shape a solution to your exact needs.

Find out more about XDocs optional modules.

XDocs Dynamic Delivery Platform

Deliver DITA content to any device or platform including: websites, self-service portals and online content.

Localization Module

DITA offers major benefits over other platforms when re-using content, especially when translated into multiple languages.

This module has a range of powerful features that will help you fully manage every aspect of your projects. As a result costs are reduced and turn around times shortened.

Machine Industry Module

Using this module makes XDocs ‘parts aware’ and provides a platform to manage and simplify getting parts information into documentation. The result is savings in time and increased accuracy. In addition this module adds the ability to generate IPCs etc. from the CCMS.