Address complex content demands with Bluestream XDocs DITA CCMS.

XDocs CCMS has core system components and optional modules. These are added as and when their functionality is required. This offers the most flexible and cost-effective solution.

In addition, this also makes XDocs the fastest enterprise class CCMS to deploy whether for a small local group or global team of technical authors.

In the XDocs CCMS architecture diagram below, UI applications are available on the web (blue) and on the local machine (green).

XDocs architecture
XDocs architecture

XDocs uses APIs for integration with other systems and a single development tool exposes all aspects of the CCMS. Further, all XDocs development is in Java and NetBeans.

XDocs runs on virtual machines. Further, XDocs CCMS provides for fault tolerance, fail-over and, high availability. In addition, it will support switch-over with support for master/slave replication. Lastly, all XDocs apps are provided on the same server.

XDocs CCMS Brochure