Bluestream WEX lets all parties involved in content creation contribute in a meaningful way. With WEX SMEs can quickly review and approve content, share ideas and much more all in a simple web browser.


WEX is a web-based app for online review and contribution of DITA content. The premise behind the app’s development is simple – no training or installation required. The target audience for this application is anyone in the organization who needs to be part of the content lifecycle.

WEX has tight integration with the Oxygen Web Editor. However, integration with other DITA web-based XML editors (such as Fonto XML, XEditor, etc.) is also possible. WEX is role and workflow capability-centric. This can restrict what Users can see and do. This allows for greater control while delivering publications within a workflow. WEX also lets users add meaningful content when great ideas arise outside of workflow. Lastly, the WEX experience is completely transparent, with the interface resembling that of MS Word or a Wiki.


Using workflow brings the content lifecycle under complete control. It also lets SMEs outside the technical communications team join in the process without impacting on their main job tasks.

It is easy to create, configure and modify workflows in XDocs. The module uses the BPMN 2.0 industry standard and Activiti workflow engine.