Bluestream Announces Strategic Partnership with SyncRO Soft in order to deliver a better and a more

Now, XDocs Has Tight Integration with oXygen XML Editor and oXygen XML Author.

Bluestream, makers of XDocs, a DITA-enabled CCMS (component content management system), today announced a strategic technology partnership with SyncRO Soft, makers of oXygen XML Editor and oXygen XML Author.  This long-awaited partnership enhances the DITA authoring experience within the XDocs CCMS. The integration between XDocs CCMS, oXygen XML Editor, and oXygen XML Author creates a solution that both technologically superior and economically attainable.

This dynamic duo of companies answered the call of the market to bring a solution that allows organizations of all sizes to deploy a DITA solution, irrespective of the size of departments or the number of departments. A tight integration between oXygen XML Editor, oXygen XML Author, and XDocs CCMS allows authors and content creators to directly connect to XDocs repository, browse the repository, and check documents in/out all within the authoring environment, allowing for a more productive content creation process.

“We are delighted to see Syncro Soft joining forces with Bluestream to bring an affordable, integrated DITA solution to the marketplace and solve important business needs.” said Stefan Vasile, CEO of Syncro Soft.  “DITA solutions are normally associated with high costs and complex installation configurations. This has subliminally and consciously hindered customers in opting for a DITA solution. The Oxygen XML Editor- XDoc integration solves the quest for a reliable, high quality and affordable integrated end-to-end DITA solution”.

“I have long looked forward to forging this partnership and feel that our joint solution is a game-changer,” says Nenad Furtula, VP of Sales and Marketing of Bluestream.  “We’re simply responding to the market by offering a superior solution at an affordable cost.  What else can you ask for?”

About SyncRO Soft

SyncRO Soft is a software development company providing quality software products and service solutions since 1998. With a commitment to customer-focused software development, SyncRO Soft ensures that their products maintain quality standards. Their products, oXygen XML Editor and oXygen XML Author are recognized worldwide as one of the better XML editors on the market.

About Bluestream

Bluestream’s flag-ship product XDocs, enables organizations of all sizes to realize the benefits of DITA at a lower cost than the competition, with comparable or better quality, thus offering unparalleled value.  XDocs is an out-of-the-box, DITA-enabled component content management system that deploys in hours rather than weeks and is easy to use.  Its flexible unlimited user licensing and optional modules such as work flow, knowledge base, online reviewing, and translation manager allow for economical end-to-end content creation, management, and publishing of content.  XDocs customers range from Fortune 100 organizations seeking complex cross-departmental DITA solutions to small businesses containing single author documentation teams.  Bluestream has been in business since 1997 and has customers in many verticals, among them software, oil and gas, health care, military, manufacturing, and finance.