Case Studies


Hi-tech equipment requires comprehensive and accessible documentation. This puts pressure on technical documentation departments, custom products, and regular upgrades increase this pressure.

Napatyech Case Study


Using DITA and an established process, the team transformed themselves into a department that could meet deadlines, demonstrate cost savings, and rapidly adapt to an expanding product line.

Cybex Case Study

GE Healthcare

Having adopted DITA and the XDocs DITA CCMS in 2010, how have the documentation team at GE Healthcare Austria continually evolved their processes and increased efficiency?

GE Case Study

Warehouse Equipment Manufacturer

Complex machines present unique challenges for organizations from the ‘drawing board’, through manufacture, delivery and ongoing servicing.

Warehouse Equipment Manufacturer


How XDocs supplements Windchill

Despite a large number of PTC Windchill applications, there is still plenty of scope for operational improvement. Bluestream XDocs Manufacturing Suite will enrich functionality and productivity in several key areas.

Industry 4.0 needs Documentation 4.0

As we move towards Industry 4.0, ‘smart’ factories, and ‘smart’ manufacturing we need to also move towards more innovative documentation. Documentation 4.0 heralds the introduction of smart content.

Documentation 4.0

XDocs DITA CCMS & Manufacturing

Complex machines present unique challenges for organizations from design, through manufacture, delivery and ongoing servicing. How is XDocs DITA CCMS supporting this?

XDocs & Manufacturing jpeg


How do you decide between Git or a Component Content Management System? This whitepaper explores the pros and cons of both technologies and provides some guidance.


XDocs and Oxygen

Tight integration between Bluestream’s XDocs Component Content Management System and Oxygen XML products from Syncro Soft brings unrivaled control and functionality.

XDocs and Oxygen

XDocs & Salesforce

Salesforce is ubiquitous and used to drive self-service portals, support internal staff, increase sales, and much more. However, Salesforce can now be made more robust and give you an even more significant competitive advantage.

XDocs & Salesforce

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