When it comes to meeting technical content challenges head-on, the XDocs CCMS is a winner. However, in order to successfully implement a DITA CCMS and make your content meet your business objectives, you need a reliable solution process.


The solution process begins with clearly defining the business goals for the organization. Any solution needs to align with and measure up to the organizational goals.

Content Strategy

Next, analyze the product life cycles, content life cycles, and the content itself in order to understand the organizational processes and to plan the strategy for the content.

Information Architecture

With a strategic foundation, an architecture is built for the information, an architecture that includes such things as carefully planned taxonomy, information models, and metadata to make your content more effective and efficient.


Following the content strategy and information architecture, install the software modules that will help achieve the goals.


Next, configure the software according to the content strategy and information architecture.


Lastly, train the team members to administer and use the solution to deliver technical content and meet the business objectives.

Bluestream solutions are extensible, so the software and processes can adapt to meet evolving business goals.

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