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Whatever your industry, Bluestream’s XDocs CCMS provides a complete set of tools for dealing with all aspects of your content.

Not only can your technical documentation team own and control the entire Content Life Cycle—but all of your teams (such as Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, and so on) can reap the benefits of a single repository and central folder structure. XDocs can help you improve your efficiency and consistency across departments.

XDocs was designed for all your stakeholdersThe XDocs CCMS was designed for all your stakeholders.

Additionally, the XDocs CCMS was designed for all of your stakeholders, both internal and external to the organization.  As the roles of system users vary, the functionality of the system component that they interact with adjusts, so they can focus on performing their role.  For example, with XDocs your SMEs do not need to be versed in DITA or XML (or to even know that they are using it) to review content. 

Furthermore, XDocs modularity means that you can address your present content concerns, and you can rest assured that XDocs’ extensibility and flexibility can accommodate your growth and change. The XDocs CCMS is fully DITA 1.2-compliant and enjoys an international network of solutions partners to help you harness the power of DITA.

The XDocs CCMS Solution

The power users of a CCMS are the content creators,  the authors, editors, and project managers, who interact with the system most heavily. To meet the needs of these users and their variety of tasks, we created a powerful, efficient desktop application called XDocs Explorer

Your content creation team will also enjoy a choice of XDocs tightly integrated XML editors, which dexterously connect XML editing tools to the content on the XDocs server.

In today’s global marketplace, Translation Managers play a key role in assuring that your content reaches all of your end-users. The XDocs Localization module provides these Translation Managers with a suit of performance tools, smart enough and robust enough to take your content through iterative localization cycles.
Content often requires the input of casual contributors, such as SMEs.  With these users in mind, we created the web-based XDocs Reviewer module. The XDocs Reviewer allows casual contributors to provide input directly into XML and DITA content without ever opening an XML editor.

Your organization needs a tool to quickly effect changes system-wide. As your projects evolve and move into new cycles. The web-based CM Admin allows system administrators to control access to the entire system and to perform other parameterization tasks.

Access to your system content is also important to other internal members of your organization. For example, members from the Marketing team or your CEO can browse and search through content via the web-based CM Portal.

Today, content needs to be updated quickly and to be immediately available to your end-users. With your end-users in mind, we have created the Knowledge Base module, which allows your users to access your most up-to-date content via the web.

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Bluestream Philosophy

Bluestream XDocs is a true DITA Component Content Management System (CCMS). The Bluestream commitment is to enable all sizes and types of organizations to get the benefits of a CCMS; we’ve packaged our flagship product within the reach of even the most budget-conscious groups.

The Bluestream XDocs CCMS includes both an XML editor and a publishing engine, making it the only out-of-the box DITA CCMS on the market. If you are looking to get more from your content through single-sourcing and multi-channel publishing, this product is for you.

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